M3 CUP Sponsor – Yellow Speed Racing
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M3 CUP Sponsor – Yellow Speed Racing


Yellow Speed Racing was founded in 2003. A new ‘form’ of company was born, manufacturing in Taiwan associated with engineering from overseas to meet a new trend of demand in the market by producing the highest quality performance aftermarket parts in this industry with cost-effective pricing. Yellow Speed Racing design and manufacture performance suspension and braking systems for a huge range of marques and models, from Skoda to Ferrari.



Recognised in Asia as a premium go to brand for performance products, this popularity has spread globally and made its way here to the UK. Yellow Speed Racing’s European division was setup in Summer 2014 as the sole distributor of all YSR products throughout Europe. Since the launch, the brand has gone from strength to strength and is proving extremely popular in the UK especially for the Honda scene and BMW scene. All products have been thoroughly tested and are used in multiple race series including WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) in Taiwan on multiple BMW e90 racecars.

Yellow Speed are an existing main sponsor of the TEGIWA Civic Cup race series and with the success drivers have had using the products not only in this series but the BDC (British Drift Championship) and Time Attack, the obvious brand to choose for suspension and braking components for TEGIWA M3 CUP was Yellow Speed. There is a massive choice of Coilover tyes and options along with a huge range of Big Brake Kits offering 6 POT calipers and floating grooved and ventilated discs as being used on TEGIWA EURO’S E46 M3.

As outlined in the table below, Yellow Speed offer coilovers for street usage, street & circuit usage and also circuit specific. If you are looking for a premium suspension / braking brand for your road or track specific car please do not hesitate to get in touch. To contact Yellow Speed Europe, call 01782 33 44 40 or email [email protected] or visit www.yellowspeedeurope.com.


Type of Coilovers & Usage
Dynamic Pro Sport Street & Circuit Use
Club Performance Street & mainly Circuit use.
Premium Competition Street & mainly Circuit use.
Pro Plus Racing Purely race specific coilovers.
Dynamic Pro Drift Drift specific coilovers
Super Low Version For extra low capabilities.
Special Order Bespoke to your requirements.

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